Ginary - Felicity Smoke Grows To Hungry Giantess

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Felicity Smoke (Nikki Brooks) was searching the Paulmer Tech labs for a working bathroom when she discovered a can of their new extra volume dry shampoo. The label warned it was untested by Felicity decided to try it anyway. She loves the way it makes her hair smell but suddenly starts to feel weird. She thinks maybe she breathed in to many fumes or maybe its just because she has to pee so bad. No, its not that. Felicity is growing. She begins to panic as her head is nearly hitting the ceiling of the laboratory and runs out of the building while she still can. Out on the street she continues to freak out as she doubles in size. To make things worse she still has to pee and no toilet could possibly be large enough for her. She tries to finger out where she can pee as she stumble over her own giant feet. She resolves to stop thinking about needing to pee but now all she can think about is how hungry she is. Maybe it’s a side effect of the shampoo but all she wants to do is eat a person. She picks up a tiny little human and apologizes profusely for her uncontrollable hunger before eating him up. She continues to grow 1,000 feet high and her hunger grows too. She scoops up more humans to eat then feels something stinging her. She swats a fighter jet out of the sky and it just makes her angry. She decides she is done being a hero and laughs as she eats more people. Finally her boyfriend Grn Arrow shows up to try and stop her. She scoops him up and laughs at him for peeing his pants in fear before eating him too. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nikki? Email us today.)
cosplay, giantess, growth fetish, special effects, superheroines