Ginary - Garnet & Nikki Trick, Shrink, & Eat You

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Nikki Brooks and Garnet Rose walk up to the house with you, and the girls open the door and let you in. They stop in the living room and the girls start to laugh. Nikki and Garnet tell you they are "special" girls, and Nikki swears she will give you that kiss she promised. Nikki and Garnet blow a kiss at the same time...and you notice they get a bit taller. They laugh as you notice something is off, and they admit you are shrinking. Nikki and Garnet blow more kisses, making you shrink even further down. They strip off their shirts as you're leveled with their chest, showing off their tits as you shrink. The ladies shrink you down until you're just a tiny speck on the floor. Garnet picks you up and decides to eat you whole! She rubs her belly, feeling you go down...and Nikki watches you wiggle around in Garnet's belly. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Garnet or Nikki? Email us today.)
erotic magic, giantess, pov, shrinking fetish, vore