Ginary - Gassy Blind Date Trials - FULL

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*THIS INCLUDES ALL THREE PARTS OF THE CUSTOM MOVIE PACKAGED TOGETHER AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE* Part 1…Nikki Brooks sits on the couch, scrolling through her phone as someone knocks on the door. Sadie Holmes walks in, and Nikki greets her with an embrace. Sadie tells Nikki she is so excited to meet her, and Nikki tells Sadie that she is even hotter than she expected. Nikki and Sadie grab each other's asses…then Sadie bends over, so Nikki can worship her ass as she farts in her face. Sadie passes gas right in Nikki's face as she kisses her ass and buries her face in it. Nikki bends over, and lets Sadie have her turn. Sadie worships Nikki's ass...kissing and caressing as Nikki farts in her face. Nikki and Sadie enjoy a glass of a special potion that will make them even more gassy & horny. The girls rub all over each other, and fart in each other's face. Nikki and Sadie end up naked together, talking and farting on each other! Part 2…Sadie Holmes and Nikki Brooks are kissing on the couch, and Nikki has an idea. Nikki wants to turn foreplay into a bit of a game... a lap dance competition. Sadie drinks a special potion that makes her gassy & horny. She shakes her ass in Nikki's face, and farts right in her face. Sadie strips and gives Nikki a lap dance, passing gas as Nikki worships her sexy ass. "I love that smell!" Nikki gets her turn, and strips as she dances on Sadie and farts. Sadie loves as Nikki farts on her, and strips for her. Nikki turns Sadie into her fart-worshiping slave. Part 3…Nikki Brooks is on top of Sadie... farting and rubbing her naked body all over Sadie's lap. Nikki stands up, and farts right in Sadie face. Sadie worships Nikki's ass, and loves every moment. Sadie wants to be Nikki's fart slave, and worship her body forever. Sadie lays back and Nikki eats her pussy. She turns around, and Nikki licks and kisses her ass as she farts right in Nikki's face at the same time. Nikki and Sadie move into a 69 position, and they both fart in each other's face and lick each others pussy. Sadie worships Nikki's ass, then the girls scissor each other and fart. The girls end up tangled up in each other, naked...kissing and farting. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nikki or Sadie? Email us today.) *all farting is simulated*
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