Ginary - Ivy & Maria Treat You Like A Bug

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Ivy Secret and Maria Jade walk in and sit on the couch, as you walk around on the floor. You're so tiny that Ivy and Maria don’t even notice you. You start to climb up Ivy's leg, but she scratches you off...and you fall down to the ground. Maria and Ivy think they have bugs crawling on them, but it's really just you. The girls gossip and talk, unaware that you are crawling all over their sexy bodies. You finally crawl all the way up Maria's leg...and the girls see you. Ivy grabs a broom, and tries to sweep you away. You try to run - but Ivy and Maria catch you in the dust pan. Maria is grossed out, and throws you away in the trash can. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Ivy or Maria? Email us today.)
giantess, pov, squash / smother, unaware giantess