Ginary - Joey & Dustin: Gay Wedgie Wrestling

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Joey Dove and Dustin Steele are teammates arguing over who cost their team the game. The fight get physical and the guys begin wrestling. Dustin pulls Joey’s shirt over his head then grabs his underwear and gives him a wedgie. Joey retaliates by yanking down Dustin’s shorts. Dustin yanks Joeys shorts off then takes off his shirt leaving the boys to wrestle in their tidy whiteys. They grapple at each other then Joey gives Dustin and underwear ripping wedgie. Dustin counters by lifting Joey up by the underwear giving him a ball splitting melvin. The men continue to wrestle and wedgie each other. They lift each other up and tear each others underwear to shreds. Finally exhausted with nothing left of their underwear but the waistbands the guy call a truce and decide to go hit the showers. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip? Email us today.)
gay, wedgies, wrestling