Ginary - Kate & Aaliyah Fuck Their Pillows

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Kate England and Aaliyah Taylorsit on the bed, and talk about who they need a bigger bed. The girls argue about who is in each other’s space, and how their pillows are flat. Kate and Aaliyah decide to get new bedding tomorrow….but they want to have fun before they get rid of their old stuff. They had such good times with their pillows, so they want to reminisce in all the good memories they have had with them. Kate and Aaliyah start to hump their pillows, moaning as they rub their pussies on them. Kate and Aaliyah kiss as they hump their pillows. Kate rubs Aaliyah’s nipples as they cum on their pillows, and continue to hump them. Kate and Aaliyah fuck their pillows until the feathers start to fall out. Aaliyah pops her feather pillow completely, and feathers fly everywhere. They both fuck their pillows until all the feathers come out, and cover the room in feathers. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Aaliyah or Kate? Email us today.)
ass grinding, kissing, lace/lingerie, orgasms, pillow humping