Ginary - Kehlani & Nikki Out Grow The City

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Kehlani and Nikki Brooks stand in the city..and they start to feel weird. Nikki and Kehlani start to complain that their eyes are messing up, and they feel sick to their stomach. "Is everything getting shorter?" Nikki and Kehlani notice that they are starting to grow. The girls are growing into giants. They strip off their clothes, as they start to get too small for them. Nikki and Kehlani continue to grow, as they have no idea whats happening. "I'm hungry." Nikki and Kehlani pick up tiny men they see on the street, and strip them. They mock the little men, then eat them. Nikki and Kehlani grow even larger, then they continue to eat they grow taller. Now Nikki and Kehlani could take out whole cities. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Kehlani or Nikki? Email us today.)
giantess, growth fetish, special effects, strip tease, vore