Ginary - Maria Jade & Honey Dew Balloon Popping

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Honey Dew and Maria Jade are playing with balloons, top-less. Honey blows up a giant long ballon with an air machine, and tells Maria to sit on it. The long ballon bursts right under Maria, and she screams. Honey and Maria laugh, and grab another long balloon. Maria sits on it again, and it pops under her. Honey blows up a big balloon, and they brace themselves for it to pop. The ballon gets bigger and bigger, as the girls anxiety grows. Maria sits on the ballon, and it just keeps getting bigger. Just as Maria is comfortable and thinks it’s not going to pop…It pops right under her. Maria lays on the ground, and lets Honey pop a long ballon over her body. Maria takes her turn, and Honey sits on the big ballon as Maria blows it up. The girls laugh and take turns blowing up balloons with the air machine, and popping them on each other. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Honey or Maria? Email us today.)
balloons, balloons b2p, topless