Ginary - Megan & Sushii Squash & Devour You

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Megan Jones and Sushii Xhyvette open up the box where they have been keeping you hostage. Megan and Sushii shrank you, and left you in a box. The girls realize they haven’t fed you in days, and they don’t seem to care. You fall to the ground, and try to run away. Sushii and Megan stop you before you can get far, and stick you right under their feet. They impose on you to massage their feet, and sniff them. Megan strips off her top, and squashes you under her big breast. She turns around and sits on you… you try to bite her so she will stop, and Sushii steps on you as punishment. Sushii strips off her bottoms, and sits right on top of you. Sushii picks you up and kisses you, trying to taste your body. They take you and squash you in their breasts, smashing you in-between four big breasts. Sushii decides when they are done that she wants a snack, and eats you whole. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Megan or Sushii? Email us today.)
giantess, pov, shrinking fetish, squash / smother, vore