Ginary - Meiko & Nikki Cuck You With BBC Stud

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Goddesses Meiko Jane and Nikki Brooks call you in the room, and put a leash on you. They are making you their pet, and they mock and tease you. Nikki tells you that they are going to train you into absolute submission. Meiko and Nikki handcuff and pants you.. showing off your tiny little cock. Meiko and Nikki want to show you what a real cock looks like. Meiko and Nikki bring in another man, and tells you that he is bigger than you in every way. They show you his big cock, and mock you for having such a tiny cock. Meiko rubs his giant cock as you watch, and Nikki laughs at you. Meiko and Nikki tell you to walk on your hands and knees, and go clean the room and bed so they can get fucked while you watch. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Meiko or Nikki? Email us today.)
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