Ginary - Mia & Reagan: Erotic Lesbian Hair Wash

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Mia Martinez lays back relaxing in the tub as Reagan Lush comes in. Mia thanks Reagan for making the bath for her, and Reagan tells Mia she wants to wash her hair. Reagan combs out Mia's hair, and slowly pours water over her long dark brown hair. Reagan tells Mia she told her she promised she would take care of her beautiful hair. Reagan shampoos Mia's long hair, working all the suds in her sexy hair. Mia stands up and Reagan washes the shampoo from Mia's hair as she stands...and the soap goes all down Mia's sexy naked body. Mia eats Reagan's pussy as she shampoos her hair again... thanking her for taking care of her hair. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Mia or Reagan? Email us today.)
bathtub fetish, hair washing, lesbians, pussy eating, shower scenes