Ginary - Nikki & Ivy SSBBW Lesbian Feed & Fuck

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Nikki Brooks loves to feed her SBBW girlfriend Ivy Davenport and wants to make her fatter and fatter. She bought a keylime pie for her date night with Ivy, but Ivy couldn’t resist eating some with out Nikki. Just cause she was such a naughty girl Nikki is going to tease Ivy with her pie and her strap-on. Ivy strips off her bra to show off her tits in exchange for a bite of pie. Nikki gropes and caresses Ivy’s big belly as she feeds her more pie. Nikki continues to make Ivy earn her dessert by stripping off her panties and licking whipped cream off of Nikki's nipples. The girls get more and more excited until Nikki is ready to give Ivy her big strap-on cock. She fucks Ivy’s juicy fat pussy while she continues to feed Ivy pie. Nikki strokes Ivy’s belly excited to make her bigger and bigger while Ivy begs for more. Nikki instructs Ivy to roll over and and take her cock from behind. Nikki fucks Ivy harder and harder while Ive shovels pie into her mouth. Ivy cums hard and Nikki leaves her to finish her pie while Nikki goes to get her more food. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with ? Email us today.)
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