Ginary - Nikki & Stefania Domme Shrunken Beta Men

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Stefania Mafra and Nikki Brooks decided to shrink a couple of guys down to the size of Ken dolls. Nikki and Stefania mock them for being so small, and tease the with their naked bodies. They pick up the guys, and strip off their pants...showing off their tiny cocks. Nikki tells them that men like them need to be stripped of everything...and put in their place. Stefania makes her tiny man suck a tiny dildo, since he has such a small cock. Nikki takes her tiny man, and puts him in a pink dress. Stefania and Nikki makes the tiny guys spank each other, and rub all over each other. The girls make the tiny guys 69 each other, making fun of them and laughing. Stefania and Nikki laugh at them, and tell them that they are keeping them as sex toys. They put the tiny men in a box, and save them for later. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nikki or Stefania? Email us today.)
femdom, giantess, shrinking fetish, sph, tease & denial