Ginary - Raquel Roper's Panties Pulled By Russell

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Raquel Roper is practicing her dance moves on the pole when Russell Grand comes up to show her a cartoon of someone in red panties like hers getting wedgied. Russell wants to try it out but Raquel refuses. She returns to her dancing but Russell sneaks up behind her and grabs her panties in his teeth. He drags her around by her underwear growling until they panties slip out snapping Raquel in the back. She grabs ahold of the pole as Russell grips her panties in his teeth again. He tries to pull her off the pole by her panties but she refuses to let go. Russell grabs Raquel’s panties with his hands pulling them back as far as he can trying to pull her off the pole. He grabs her panties once again with his teeth and tears at them until he rips out a chunk. Later when Raquel changes her panties she gets them caught in her bedroom door. She struggles to pull them free but they won’t budge. She tries to open the door but the handle won’t move. She stretches her panties further and further until they are free. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip? Email us today.)
domination, panty fetish, teeth, wedgies