Ginary - Revenge Of The Wedgie Nerd

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Aaliyah Taylor is having problems in school so she had enlisted the aid of class nerd Daisy Lynn. Daisy is happy to tutor Aaliyah but Aaliyah thinks Daisy should just do her work for her. When Daisy refuse Aaliyah stands her up and gives her a painful wedgie. She pulls Daisy’s panties up over her shoulders and lifts her up off the ground with a pussy splitting melvin but still the straight A student refuses to do Aaliyah’s homework for her. Aaliyah laughs at Daisy and her “granny panties” as she gives Daisy a humiliating wedgie. Daisy finally agrees to do Aaliyah’s homework but as soon as Aaliyah turns around to get her book bag Daisy gets her wedgie revenge. Daisy tells Aaliyah she messed with he wrong nerd as she pulls Aaliyah’s thong up over her shoulders. Aaliyah refuses to be bested by a nerd but Daisy is not the easy mark she thought she was. The girls continue to catfight, pulling each others hair and giving painful wedgies until they both have had enough and storm off. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Aaliyah or Daisy? Email us today.)
cat fighting, nerdy girls, school girl, school uniform, wedgies