Ginary - Sadie Holmes Dive Mask Fuck

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Dustin Steele is turned on to see Sadie Holmes in her wet suit and even more so when she slips on her dive mask and respirator. Dustin puts his dive mask and snorkel in and sits back to watch Sadies gloved hand work his cock. Sadie pinched her nose through her mask and breaths through her respirator while she jerks Dustin’s cock. Dustin removes Sadie’s respirator and stand up so she can suck his cock in her dive mask. Dustin pinches her nose with her mouth full of cock until she gasps for air. Then Sadie sits on his face in her crotchless wetsuit while she continues to suck his cock. She rolls over onto her back and replaces her respirator so Dustin can fuck her while she breaths and moans though through her respirator. Dustin removes her respirator again and flips her onto her knees so he can take her from behind. Sadie covers her mouth trying to contain herself but Dustin pushes her hand aside so he can hand gag her himself. He holds on to long and she had to shove his hand away and gasp for air. The couple continue this game as he fucks her, eventually removing her mask for a tighter grip around her face. Then when Dustin is getting close to cuming Sadie returns to her knees to sucks his cock but she refuses to open her mouth. Dustin pinches her nose until she is made to open her mouth. As she gasps for air he shoves is cock in. Sadie sucks and gags on Dustin’s cock and he continually pinches her nose to cut off her air. When he is ready to cum Dustin pushes Sadies head all the way down and holds her nose. Sadie struggles and gags but their is no where for her to go until she swallows his load as is finally allowed to breath. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Sadie or Dustin? Email us today.)
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