Ginary - Sasha Teaches Anastasia Belly Inflation

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Sasha Foxxx’s belly inflating blog has gotten so popular that she is staring a belly inflating class. Her first student in Anastasia Rose. Sasha starts Anastasia off with the aquarium pump while she starts with a bulb pump. The girls oil up their bellies and measure their progress along the way. Sasha moves on to another aquarium pump and suggest Anastasia give the bulb pump a try. Finally Sasha moves on to the bike pump and invites Anastasia to do the pumping. Anastasia is amazed at how big and tight Sasha’s belly is. Sasha insists Anastasia put her ear to Sasha’s belly to listen to it get pumped. Anastasia is reluctant and fears Sasha’s belly is about to burt. Sasha ends by pranking Anastasia and pretending to pop while she is leaned in close to listen.
belly, belly fetish, body inflation