Ginary - Shrunken By Ur Son's Friend Toby Springs


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You Sons sexy young friend Toby Springs is over waiting for you son to get home. You try and talk to him, even offer him a beer. Turns out Toby has noticed the way you look at him and he doesn’t like it. Now he has a way to teach you a lesson. Toby has been tinkering with a game controller and modified it into a shrink-ray. He dares you to deny you like to perv on young boys and overtime you do he shrinks you more. As he shrinks you down to waste high he begins to tease you by showing off his sexy body. Its hard to hide how much you want him as you stare at his swinging cock and firm young ass. Just as you are enjoying the view he shrinks you more. Smaller and smaller until until you are as small as a bug. Then Toby laughs at you and makes you worship his giant feet or be crushed by them.  He tells you he owns you now. He is going to keep you in a box to take out and torment when ever he wants. You try to make a run for it but you are to small to escape him. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip? Email us today.) *rereleased clip*
cock, gay, giants, pov, shrinking fetish

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