Ginary - Slyyy Inflates Sadie Until She Explodes

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Slyyy is standing around outside as Sadie Holmes sneaks in the gate behind her, and gags her from behind. Sadie and Slyyy wrestle and fight, punching each other all over the yard. The two girls fight, throwing each other everywhere. Sadie pins Slyyy to the fence, and pulls out a knife. In a quick action, Slyyy sticks a hose in Sadie’s mouth…and Sadie’s body starts to fill with water. No matter how hard she tries, Sadie can’t get the hose out of her mouth. Her belly fills with water, and her body starts to swell. Sadie continues to swell up like a ballon as Slyyy sneaks out of the gate. From behind the gate, Slyyy hears a loud explosion, and water flowing everywhere. She goes to check it out, and finds that Sadie has exploded, and there’s nothing of her left. Slyyy runs off, leaving the evidence behind. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Sadie or Slyyy? Email us today.)
belly fetish, body inflation, cat fighting, female fighting, outdoors