Ginary - Terra Transforms Luna To Strong Woman

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Terra Mizu and Luna sneak into an empty house, and sit on the couch. Luna is a bit scared, and tells Terra she thinks they shouldn’t be there. Terra finds a remote on the couch, and tries to use it to work the TV. Terra finds out the remote doesn’t control the TV though…it controls Luna. The first button she pressed made Luna stand up, so she tries another. The other button makes Luna move her arm…then her other arm. Terra is amused, and keeps going. She keeps pressing buttons on the remote, making Luna strip off her clothes…leaving her in just a bikini. Terra presses more buttons, and makes Luna hop on one leg, and do jumping jacks. Luna tells Terra that this remote is spooky, and they shouldn’t play with it any more. Terra makes Luna bend over and shake her ass. Luna begs Terra to make it stop, and Terra makes her dance. Terra drops the remote, and Luna’s body starts to go wild. The girls have no idea what’s going on..and Luna suddenly gets super strength. Luna’s muscles grow, and she becomes a super muscle woman. Luna uses her new-found power to gag out Terra, telling her that she told her to not touch hat remote. Luna squishes Terra between her legs, and knocks her out. Luna walks over to you…telling you that you stood by and did nothing to help her. She gags you out, knocking you down to the floor. Luna goes back to Terra, and gags her and knocks her to the ground. Luna punches you, then goes back to Terra. Luna knocks Terra out again with her legs, then Terra begs for mercy. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Terra or Luna? Email us today.)
female fighting, magic control, scissorhold, transformation fantasies, transformation fetish