Ginary - Tickle Slaves Sasha Foxxx & Bailey Paige

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Sasha Foxxx and Bailey Paige have gotten themselves in trouble. Star Morning has the pair tide up side by side with their ankles in spreader bars and Hitachi magic wand’s tide to their pussies. The girls are filled with fear and anticipation before the tickling even starts. Star teases them both with a feather and they both squirm watching the other getting tickled. Star pins them to the wall by the throat to tickle them then turns the Hitachi’s on. She uses her bare hands and sharp finger nails to to cole them then breaks out the ice. She orders Bailey to hold still while she tickles her naked body with the ice. Sasha can’t help but make a smart ass remark that results in her getting the ice cube dropped down her panties. Sasha squeals and the ice melts on her pussy and Star returns to barehand ticking Bailey. Bailey tries to sweet talk her way out of the ticking but Star grabs her by the throat and orders her to look into the camera and tell you how much she loves being tickled. Then Star kneels between them both and runs her sharp nails all over their bodies. She takes the Hitachi’s and pressing them into the girls pussies making them moan with pleasure. Then she startles them with sudden tickling. Star returns to Bailey making her beg and squirm. Then its to Sasha who refuses to let Star tickle her neck prompting Star to pin her to the wall by the throat and tickle her armpits. She resumes pressing the Hitachi’s into the girls pussies and Sasha announces she is cumming. Star warns her not to but the vibrator is to intense. She gives Bailey the same warning but Bailey is a good girl and begs permission. She cums hard and Star holds the vibrator on her until she begs for it to stop. Star rewards Bailey by unchaining Bailey much to Sasha’s horror. Then Star tightens Sasha’s restraints and lets Bailey have a turn to tickle her. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Sasha or Bailey? Email us today.)
bound orgasms, hitachi, imposed orgasms, tickling, vibrator