Ginary - Unaware Maria Crushes & Eats TinyFriends

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Maria Jade walks in to meet her friends, and they are no-where to be found. Maria doesn't realize her friends are as tiny as ants - and on the floor. As Maria walks around, trying to call her friends - she steps on one of her friends, crushing them. Maria walks around, and accidentally steps on more of her friends. Maria decides to have a snack while she waits on her friends, and she sits on one of them on the couch. Maria doesn’t realize her friends have made it into her chip-dip bowl...and she eats them on her chips. Maria is upset her friends ditched her - completely unaware she is eating all of them! Maria leaves with a full belly... full of all her friends. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Maria Jade? Email us today.)
eating, giantess, special effects, unaware giantess, vore