Ginary - Victoria Tickles Pregnant Logan

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Victoria Banxxx and Logan Lace are sitting on the bed, and Victora tells Logan that she heard being pregnant makes you super ticklish. Logan begs Victora to not tickle her, but Victoria does anyways. Victoria lays Logan down, and tickles her armpits and sides. She slaps her ass, and tickles the bottoms of her soles. Victoria grabs a paintbrush, and tickles Logan’s feet. Victoria tickles Logan’s feet with a brush, then tickles all over her naked body. Victoria grabs different objects, and tickles all over Logan’s bare body. Victoria grabs an electric toothbrush, and tickles around Logan’s neck, legs, and tickles her sides with her hands. Logan lays to the side, and Victoria tries to tickle her with her hair. Victoria grabs her box of toys, and acts like she is going to leave… then tickles Logan with a long feather. Victoria ties a tens unit to Logan’s feet, and turns it on high. Victoria climbs back on the bed and tickles Logan all over her body as she begs her to stop. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Victoria or Logan? Email us today.)
foot tickling, pregnant, tickle armpits, tickling