GoddessNatalie - 12 days of Xmas confusion - day 11

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Christmas is round the corner, and I bet you're already feeling quite overwhelmed by all the many things you have to do, all the presents you gotta buy and all the people that require your attention. But I don't think you're even close to how confused, disoriented and entranced you should actually be feeling! I am here to make the holiday season even more confusion for you, by adding a little bit of entrancement to it. And because the more the better, I decided to go for a 12 days series this time. This way, by the time you get to the end of Christmas, you'll be so profoundly mesmerized by me, that you won't even remember your own name anymore haha This is the eleventh part and the one before the very last one of our magical series. It felt pretty magical after all, didn't it? It is practically impossible to be in the presence of a Goddess like myself and not feel the magic in the air, after all! And today the shy, innocent-looking boy who came caroling at my door also felt the magic quite a lot! I decided to invite him in, since he did such a good job at cheering me up with his Xmas carols! I even offered him a cup of mulled wine! Little did he know that the wine in the cup was poisoned and was about to turn him into a little hypnopup for me! So easy to entrance and control, even after the very first sip of that dr*nk! You wonder how I played with his mind after I put him into trance, don't you? Well, find out on your own already!
christmas, femdom, foot domination, mesmerize, mind fuck