GoddessNatalie - 3-hour long tease & denial: part I

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Well, well, well...look who's here drooling all over himself again while waiting for permission to jerk off to me! My favorite slave of them all I have a little surprise for you today, my little one, and I know you will love it, too. I made a 3-hour long video of me teasing you, stripping, teaching you how to worship different parts of my body and driving you nuts, while denying you permission to orgasm. And because I woke up feeling evil today, I turned it into a series of smaller videos that you will get one at a time. The trick is, you will be teased and denied in a different way in each one of them, but you won't be allowed to cum..not just at the end of that particular video, but also to other videos. That means that once you watch this, you can't cum while watching other vids of mine either, nor videos from other Goddesses. That being said, you will remained blue-balls and save your cum up for me, until you will eventually be given permission to explode at the very end, when the last part of this series will come out. Who knows..maybe if you're lucky I might even let you cum before that...haha, yeah right! A subby can keep on dreaming! Well..this is part 1 of this series, so go ahead and enjoy being tormented by me, and don't forget to properly thank me for making this available!
cock tease, femdom, joi games, strip tease, tease & denial