GoddessNatalie - A slave's entrancing trip in space

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Today you are going to let go of all control and push away all of your worries and stress, so that you can be fully, entirely relaxed for me. You will listen to my soothing, mesmerizing voice as you feel yourself drifting away from reality into the ultimate entrancing experience - a trip like you never had before. You will get to meet me, your one and only Goddess, your brand new Hecate, your personal Goddess of the Darkness, that will guide your through the darkness of space and time, far far away from this world, in a place that you wouldn't be able to locate anywhere on the map. You will feel scared, you feel be shaking, but as long as you follow my voice, obey to me and listen to my advice, you will be safe and protected. Now I wonder if you will do a good job or disappoint me...hmmm...only one way to find out I guess. Enjoy your experience and....make sure you have headphones handy for this one, cause they will be mandatory!
asmr, femdom, goddess worship, mesmerize, mind fuck