GoddessNatalie - Anal mesmerization

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Because I know you never tried anal before and you were really eager to save your tiny ass for me, I think it's time to have a special kind of experience. Since it is your first time ever, I want it to be unique and we will take it slowly. And what better way to slowly introduce you to this world than to mesmerize you? I'm gonna want you to get fully naked for me and ready for this by relaxing. Make sure you have 3 butt plugs ready for the experience - if you don't have some, you can go ahead and buy a set for me once you purchased this video. There has to be one small plug, a medium-sized one and a bigger one, so that we can gradually get you used to anal. If you're not sure you want to try the physical stuff just yet and only want this to be mental, you can also imagine the butt plugs. Feel free to use other objects instead of butt plugs too, but make sure there is a small one, a medium one and a big one. Grab your headphones for me and put them on so you can hear me better and let's relax together.
anal, anal play, femdom, mesmerize, mind fuck