GoddessNatalie - ASMR-induced trance

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You had a pretty long, tiring day, didn't you? I know you need to relax a little bit and since I've been so mean to you lately, you deserve me to be a little nicer for a change and help you relax. So how about some ASMR for tonight! You go get your headphones ready, get fully naked and hide under those bed sheets so you can listen to my voice and let go entirely. I want you to be calm and happy...but also horny at the same time, and simply listen to my voice. hahaha did you honestly think I was going to be as nice as to relax you just to make you feel good? Be serious now and wake up from your stupid dream! Of course I'm only putting you into a trance so I can fuck your mind up even more and place some brand new triggers in there! oh and they're gonna be some really fun triggers, I promise you! weeeelll.....fun for me, obviously hahaha
asmr, femdom, goddess worship, mesmerize, mind fuck