GoddessNatalie - ASMR JOI trance for foot fetishists

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Hello, it's me again taking a bath and teasing the hell out of you under the water. I know you missed my feet, they're slowly but surely becoming your religion, you worship them the way Christians worship God and buddhists worship Buddha, the same way as muslims worship Allah. You're in**xicated with the thought of my feet. You only dream of them at night and only think of them throughout the day, you see them in front of your eyes the minute you wake up. You're so cute when you're so addicted. Here is a little game for you: you will buy and download all of my feet pics and vids onto your phone, delete all other pics and vids to make space for mine and slowly replace everything in your phone with my feet. Soon there will be nothing in there but my feet and you know you love that idea!
feet, foot fetish, highly arched feet, religious, underwater fetish