GoddessNatalie - Cuckies beg to be ignored

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Good cuckies know that there is no place for them to get cocky and demand things from me! Good cuckies know that silent tributes are the best, and when I say silent..don't get confused, I mean you tribute, don't say a thing and get lost! Good cuckies know that they should not ask for my attention! Good cucks know, instead, how to beg to be ignored by me! Because a good cucky will always know that my ignoring them is true bliss and it is more than a privilege for them! So..are you a good cucky or are you the kind of guy I should throw to the bin?: Because, trust me, I don't think twice before throwing my old, used toys away! Wanna stay? Then, prove you're worth it! Prove that you're even worth my ignoring!
cuckolding, femdom, ignore, mind fuck, taboo