GoddessNatalie - Entranced by my hands & nails

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The simple sight of my beautiful big hands with long, elegant fingernails makes you shake out of control, doesn't it? Well, my little one, today is the day you're going to become even more addicted and mesmerized by my hands, as I am about to mindfuck you until I put you into a nice, deep state of trance that will allow you to disconnect from reality just so you can embark on a wonderful journey outside your being but deep inside of your brain. A total out-of-body experience that will leave you with brand new triggers planted deep within your mind...triggers that will make you throb for my hands even more, wvery single time you see them. So, dont try to resist..I know you want to let go and allow me to control your mind...just relax and give into your fantasies...
finger nail fetish, hand fetish, mesmerize, mind fuck, nails