GoddessNatalie - Entranced by my yoga pants

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You come back home and find your roomie waiting for you in her bedroom wearing the brand new set of yoga pants and sports bra she just bought. She asks for your opinion and starts modelling the pants for you, teasing you by pushing her ass closer and closer to you, stands up, goes to the mirror and turns around rubbing her ass in circles, as you suddenly start feeling dizzy...and dizzier and dizzier by the second. You get sleepier and have no idea what's happening, as she keeps talking softly, her voice penetrating your mind so deeply, like you've never experienced before. And before you know it, you fall deep into a nice, delicious trance where your roommate can get you to do anything she wants. She then makes you worship her ass in those yoga pants, then changes into other yoga pants, has you crawling on the bed and turning into a total pet..a puppy for her ass in those pants. When she makes you return to reality and get out of that trance you feel confused and she acts as if nothing happened, smiling in the corner of her mouth
ass worship, jeans/pants wetting, mesmerize, mind fuck, yoga pants