GoddessNatalie - Pre-date cucky humiliation

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You know what, little weirdo? I was actually thinking about you as I was putting this outfit on! I'm gonna wear it under my dress for this date I'm going on today! I wasn't thinking about you in the way you'd expect, though... I was actually wondering what it must be like to be such a pathetic loser who can't get any pussy in real life. The kind of loser whose only joy in life is to come online and pay girls to be mean to him, to mock him and tell him how fucking stupid he is. And with that pathetic, tiny cock of yours, no wonder you can't get any girl for real haha who'd wanna fuck that, anyway? But I'll allow you to watch as I'm getting ready for a date with a real man and who knows? Maybe one day, if you're really lucky..maybe I'll let you watch me with an alpha man. But only if you're suuuper lucky and only if I'll wake up feeling extra generous that day and most certainly, only if you'll convince me with enough money. But it will most probably won't happen! You'll be stuck jerking off to videos like this one!
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