GoddessNatalie - Step-mommy teaches you how to goon

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Your step-mommy noticed how you're sometimes running into your bedroom, locking the door and hiding there for a few minutes before you cum back out looking exhausted lol she also noticed some really dirty socks in the washing machine! But not the usual kind of dirty socks..more like socks filled with this icky, gooey thing that's white and sticky! That's right...I know you've been jerking off quite a lot lately..but I also noticed how little time it takes before you come out of your room and how you always seem a bit sad after doing it! I know something about that post-orgasm sadness...and I know how disappointing it all feels when the pleasure goes away! So today...step-mommy is gonna teach you how to goon, so you can enjoy the pleasure for a lot longer! I'll tell you exactly what to do and how to do it - all you have to do is follow step-mommy's instructions and be a good boy! Once I've showed you how to do it, I'll need you to continue edging for me all day long, then report to me by 8-9 PM with how things are going. I might let you cum in the end, but only if you won't cum until them! No cheating, little one!
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