GoddessNatalie - Turned into a real sissy

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Although today is not Friday gay day, our little h.y.p.n.o of the day will be focused on your gay tendencies, on your cock cravings and on you still being a little closeted fag even to this day! You know that as much as I like you sucking on my strapon, moving your hips up and down as I fuck you in the ass, teasing you and making you play with your own dildos and anal toys, that's not nearly as good as the real thing! But since you're stuck at home in quarantine and the real thing could be pretty dangerous to you at these times, I reckon you doing the so-called real thing while in trance for me would be a good enough options! At least you will finally do it! And who knows?! I might even place a couple of interesting, exciting triggers inside of that little brain of yours, to make you feel the way you'll feel today, some other time...again! Who knows what impact this is going to have on your life? But I know you want to try it anyway! I know you can't help but wonder what it would be like, so go ahead, little one! Relax for me and get ready to embark on a special kind of journey!
femdom, mesmerize, mind fuck, sissification, sissy sluts