GoddessNatalie - Turning straight boys into fags

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You insisted many times to take me out, to spend some time with me, to at least go for coffee with me, etc etc. And after years of pushing you away, I decided that maybe I should give you a chance. At least you could be entertaining and I could turn you into my money slave! So I accepted to go out with you and even took you home, because something about you got me really curious. When I was just about to do more, though, I saw you had a little clitty instead of a cock haha how embarassing! You were definitely not meant to be a man! You clearly wasn't born to be fucking women, and that clit of yours belongs in a chastity cage! I want it locked up, so it doesn't disturb me with how pathetic it looks anymore! I'm gonna make you forget all about your ideas of being an alpha and get you to finally understand what your place is - on your knees in front of me, sucking on my strapon! That's right, beta boy! I know you'll come to like it, cause you're nothing but a beta bitch deep within!
chastity, femdom, imposed bi, imposed fem, strap-on