GoddessNatalie - Your loser tax is due - November 2019

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How hard did you work for this $50, that you will now use to cover your loser tax for November? Very hard I hope, and I'm sure that the harder you worked for it, the more arousing it is to see it vanish within seconds, by giving it all to your one and only Goddess. Working hard each day to make more money for me and now look at you, on your knees, staring into my eyes, admiring my beauty as you tremble and it all over to me.....Are you throbbing with excitement as you make such a hot tribute to my perfection? I know you are, and you are simply happy and proud of yourself, knowing that you can do something to contribute to my glamorous, luxurious lifestyle, isn't that so? Well, since you've been asking so nicely, there it is - you have my permission to add a markup code to impress me even more.
femdom, financial domination, mesmerize, mind fuck, ripoff