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Hey loser, doesn't it feel so good to know that I'm fucking other guys without asking for anything in return while you have to pay to get the tinyest bit of attention from me? Haha well guess what? I've been talking to this guy on tinder for a few weeks now and it just so happened that when he was in town I was out of the country traveling on your money and celebrating my birthday. So we didn't get to meet then, but we kept on teasing each other with pics and vids over whatsapp and since he was also traveling with his buddies, we decided to meet on his way back to France. Luckily, he had to change flights here and had a few good hours in between. It was rushed and that made me feel like a total slut, but I really wanted to fuck that BBC of his so I couldn't say no. He booked this really nice room close to the airport and asked me to wait for him there, but little did I know that he was planning a big surprise for me. He came over with another black guy and one white loser that we cuckolded haha the white cuck filmed us all along and cheered the other too while I mocked him for his pathetic cock and enjoyed having two BBCs inside of me at once. Well.. This is the kind of experience you have once in a lifetime! But you wouldn't know cause you're a loser who sits at his computer and hacks off lol so here is a little something I filmed for you before the bulls and the loser came over. You're allowed to jerk off to it but no orgasm for you today, understood?
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