hazelsimone - College Girlfriend Slowly Cucks You LDR


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This was originally made as a custom video. You and your girlfriend are both freshmen, but attending different colleges. You're trying to make it work long distance, but you can tell she wants to experiment sexually. Through a series of phone calls, this video tells the story of you slowly being cucked. At first it's just a tipsy kiss - she calls you to apologize, hungover and upset. She tells you it was an accident and that she loves you and wants to make this work. The next time you talk she admits that she's been texting the same guy (it means nothing, I promise baby!) who has been fucking her best friend Megan. She giggles while she tells you about how hung her friend said this guy is, and cuts the phone call short because they've invited her out. The next thing you know, she's calling you to confess that the three of them fooled around. You're hurt, but you don't want to lose her - there's nothing you can do. She says she loves you, but she wants to experiment. If you're not here to fuck her she feels like she's missing out. Her confessions and "slip-ups" get worse and worse until she tells you that her and the guy had full-on unprotected sex (something that the two of you have never done) making her cum harder than she ever has in her life. She suddenly realizes that you've been asking for a lot of details... are you enjoying this!? The video ends with softcore phone sex, her cumming while she describes to you the amazing sex she had with a college stud **this vid is mostly talking with minimal nudity (some tits throughout) and a slow burn to the phone sex at the end**
Size: 2.68 GB
cheating, confessions, cuckolding, gfe

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