hazelsimone - Girlfriend Confesses Her Dad Fucked Her


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This deeply taboo vid is a slow burn that teases and provokes you with the jaw dropping details of your girlfriend's sexual relationship with her father.  The two of you are about to leave to visit her family for vacation when she pulls you aside.  She tells you she has a confession before anxiously blurting out "my dad used to fuck me."  She instantly regrets telling you, but it's too late. You can see the shame in her body as she waits for your response.  You ask for details and once she starts talking the words just keep coming.  You know you should be disgusted but your cock is rock hard thinking about her 18 year old body being used like that.  She gets upset that you're getting off on it and accuses you of being a pervert "just like my dad."  Suddenly she seems to be turned on "my brain is just so fucked up, you know? Seeing your hard cock is confusing..." She takes you in her mouth and before you know what's happening she's oscillating between the shocking details and role-playing that YOU are her daddy.  "He used to call me a good girl... do you want to call me a good girl too? Tell me I'm a good girl daddy." She gets on top of you and shows you exactly what happened the night she lost her virginity.  HUGE REAL CREAMY CONVULSING ORGASM HERE! Something about this scene really turned me on.  I challenge you to last the entire vid **THIS IS A FANTASY ROLEPLAY AND MAY NOT BE SUITED TO EVERYONE'S TASTES. THE EVENTS REFERENCED TAKE PLACE WHEN I AM 18**
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confession, daddy roleplay, fantasy, taboo, teens (18+)

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