Her Kink - A Neighbourly Dispute


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Her Kink
Sophia has a bit of an ongoing dispute with the dude in the flat above hers. He has to be up early for work and Sophia does like to play her music loud late at night, and hold the occasional party. She really can't see what his problem is! He complains literally every other day. Clearly the dude has no concept of fun. Anyway, tonight was no exception and at 1 a.m. Sophia was dancing around her flat, glass of wine in hand, singing along to her favourite One Direction album. Suddenly there was a knock at her door. Ok, maybe not suddenly. The fun vacuum had already banged on the floor above her a few times. Anyway, when she answered the door he completely unprovoked grabbed her and handcuffed her ankles around a chair, cuffed her wrists and gagged her. "Let's hear you sing through that" he laughed, adding that he would be back in the morning to release her, when he had got some much needed rest. OMG! Sophia just couldn't believe it and is struggling and struggling in a vain attempt to escape.
Handcuff and Shackle Fetish, Bondage, Ballgagged, Struggling, Damsel in Distress