Her Kink - Accidently Locked In Ariel


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Her Kink
Ariel is shooting her own metal bondage site. Her flatmate was helping her but the silly girl has got it into her head that Ariel isn't 100% safe. Ariel has no idea why. I mean her friend wasn't stuck in that scold's bridle for long, and she wasn't actually injured or anything. It was only an hour or two and Ariel always - ALWAYS - puts safety first. Anyway... today she has some handcuffs and a cage to play with and to be ultra sure that the keys aren't lost this time - not that they actually were lost last time - she has planned to leave them on the side table. No chance of them getting lost there. Oh no. Safety first as always. Anyway... Ariel cuffs herself, gets into the cage and locks the padlock, and she'll be fine obviously because the cage is padded and therefore really comfortable. Well, ok, it isn't quite as comfortable as she expected but it is fun. After shooting what she thinks will be a good video she decides it is time to get out BUT, oh no, the key is on the table out of reach. Nothing to worry about. Nothing AT ALL dangerous about being stuck on your own in bondage. Eventually she manages to push the cage - like a rowing machine - over to the table and gets the key to the padlock BUT she can't get the stupid lock open! Never mind she can just cut this part of the video off and no-one will ever know how dangerous she is and her friend will let her out won't she?? Hello. HELLO. HELLLOOOO!!! Oh....
Caging, Bondage, Bondage Device, Self Bondage, Handcuff and Shackle Fetish