Her Kink - Afternoon Nap Wetting


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Her Kink
Sitting on the edge of her bed DiaperGirlFaye has been inspired to have a nap by the comfy cushions she has recently bought and the fact that her middle penguin - look - is out for the count. In fact she literally cannot stop yawning. She lays back on the bed, opening her legs wide to give you a clear view of her Lille diaper, to set an alarm and as she does she begins o wet her diaper. Alarm set she sits up to move the cuddly toys and cushions out of the way - the penguins she explains have bonded with the tiger because they think he protects them from predators and things. The indicator on her diaper has changed colour as the the pee soaked diaper has expanded around her pert bottom. Having tucked the 'animals' in she plumps her own pillow and grabs her phone before lying back on the bed to read for a few minutes to knock herself out. And then she clambers under the covers and waves night-night before dozing off.
Diaper Fetish, Diaper, Pee, Jeans/Pants Wetting, Yawning