Her Kink - Gag Talk Magazine Menace


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Her Kink
Sophia is reading a celebrity magazine. And her boyfriend is trying to work. But it is almost impossible to concentrate with Sophia's endless 'Oh my God!' comments about people's new outfit, hair colour and goodness knows what else... he is trying to tune her out. After warning after warning after warning he's had it with celebrity gossip and decides to take action to shut Sophia up. However, within moments of him binding and ball-gagging her, she has knocked the magazine into the floor and is turning the pages with her feet, and making mostly incomprehensible remarks about people who have put on weight, or coloured their hair badly again.. and what's more, she is drooling on the magazine as she does so. There's only one thing for it - her boyfriend heads off to find a bigger ball-gag.
Gag Talk, Ballgagged, Gags, Brat Girls, Bondage