Her Kink - Inflatable Ariel


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Her Kink
Ariel is a huge fan of gags. We've given her our inflatable butterfly gag to play with and she's quite excited to try it. First she inflates it outside of her mouth to see what it looks like - and it looks absolutely enormous. Then she puts it in her mouth and counts the pumps as it is inflated so she can take it out and see how big it was inside her mouth. It tastes fabulous and she thinks it is going to puff her cheeks out... and she is right! She gets to 5 pumps and tests it to see if it is possible to remove it when inflated. It isn't, and Ariel likes that. She opens the valve to release the air and when the gag is out she speculates as to whether she could manage another inflation - it was quite big and tight in her mouth! But it is such an exciting feeling and Ariel thinks if someone was doing it to her she might be quite scared. She manages 6 pumps and then of course she can't resist trying 7...
Gags, Inflatables, Fetish, BDSM, Blonde