Her Kink - Jeans Re-wetting Re-run


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Her Kink
So Faye has been doing a bit of a pee challenge. She got to three wettings and the jeans were looking and feeling suitably pissy and then disaster struck. The jeans, which were being stored in a bag, went a bit shall we say 'funny'. There was nothing else for it she had to wash them. On the plus side the jeans, which she is wearing now, clearly had a reaction with the ammonia in the piss and now have an interesting pattern on them. Anyway, so she is starting again - pee numero one! She assumes her favourite jeans wetting position and lets go, soaking the jeans and floor with pee. Turning around to display the front she continues before rubbing her jeans back and forth on the floor in order to mop up as much pee as possible. Then she shows you her pee soaked panties before pulling the piss soaked jeans back up and vowing to get back to three and then aim for for five! It's good to be ambitious!
Jeans/Pants Wetting, Wet & Messy, Pee, Jeans Fetish, Toilet Fetish