Her Kink - Natalia Playing with Steel


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Her Kink
Natalia was cleaning out the attic in her new house and found a box containing several sets of what seem to be handcuffs. She put them under the bed and alone in the house she has brought them out to look at properly. First she picks up a pair of handcuffs, feeling their weight and exploring the mechanism before picking up the other item which seems more complicated. It too has steel cuffs but has a rigid bar between them and is very heavy. She has always been a little curious about bondage and can't resist trying them on. So exciting. First she locks her wrists into the handcuffs, clicking them shut before pulling them apart and twisting the chain to feel the restriction. She can feel herself beginning to feel aroused. Picking up the heavy bar she locks an ankle into each cuff before raising her legs to admire the way they look. Wrapping the chain of the handcuffs around the bar she tugs at the chain, gasping in her excitement. Let's hope she made sure the keys were in the box too...
Handcuff and Shackle Fetish, Bondage, Self Bondage, Lace/Lingerie, Bondage Device