Her Kink - Post Meeting Pee


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Her Kink
Sophia has just come out of a meeting and is desperate for a pee. She goes into the toilet and takes down her jeans and panties but just as she is about to sit on the loo and let go someone comes into the cubicle next to hers and starts peeing... very loudly! So Sophia waits as long as she can manage so their peeing doesn't make her peeing inaudible! When they finish Sophia, now utterly desperate, starts to pee herself, but OMG she has to squeeze those muscles and stop again because her 'neighbour' flushes and its sooo noisy. She tells you she has more pee to do but when she can't quite hold it in until the toilet next door finishes its flush she holds the camera close to her pussy, showing you her hairy bush, so you can hear the rest of her pee.
Public Toilet, Toilet Fetish, Pee, Fetish, Brunette