Her Kink - Shampoo as Handwash Pee


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Her Kink
Sophia has just arrived home and is desperate to use the toilet. So she's dashing up the two flights of stairs - pausing on the first landing to show you her tidy desk because it is never that tidy. Her voice is a little hoarse because she has had a karaoke weekend away and is actually feeling a little on the rough side... ha ha. In the bathroom she does the desperate to pee dance as she pulls down her jeans and then - at last - the pee gushes out. It has been hours since she last got to pee. After cleaning her pussy and pulling her jeans back up she goes to wash her hands and finds her handwash is gone. What to do... wash her hands with shampoo, er that's a lot of shampoo. Anyway, she thinks she's going to give herself an easy day to recover from her 'heavy' weekend. She thinks she deserves it.
Toilet Fetish, Pee, Public Toilet, Brunette, Fetish