Her Kink - Sophia's Self Hogtie Problem


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Her Kink
Sophia is in a spot of bother. She has a new boyfriend - new enough that she hasn't dared tell him about her love of all things bondage yet. But it has been so very long since she had a 'partner in bdsm' that desperate times have called for desperate measures. Having done some research she has found a technique for a self rope hogtie which seems straightforward enough so she has decided to give it a go. Having put on her favourite head harness ball gag she followed the instructions carefully and achieved a slightly messy but satisfying hogtie. She wished she had managed to make the rope between her wrists and ankles tighter but maybe she will get better with practice. If she can ever get out. And there lies the problem. She stopped reading at "pull the rope tight... " and, having had her sexy fun, is finding it harder to release herself than she imagined. I mean she assumed a 'self hogtie' would feel good but be easy enough to escape from. But it isn't. And her boyfriend is due to pick her up for dinner shortly. How awkward if he arrives to find her in this embarrassing predicament! She just HAS to get free!!
Bondage, Rope Bondage, Ballgagged, Damsel in Distress, Struggling